The Cuisine

The flavours of the traditional cuisine of Basilicata and Puglia are interpreted and revisited in a masterly fashion by our Chef.
The greatest values of the Mediterranean cusine are perfectly reinterpreted by our chef in his revisiting the precious flavours of our ancient tradition
Dishes are prepared using mostly locally produced ingredients in the traditional and jealously-kept recipes handed down for centuries.

Freshly handmade pasta, fresh vegetables, wild mushrooms, wheat from the area, extra virgin olive oil, meat, cold cuts, cheese and fresh dairy products directly supplied by local farmers are the basic ingredients of our cuisine.
Being so close to the sea also allows the making of delicious fish-based dishes.
Specific menus are available for vegetarians and people with celiac disease.

The house cellar provides a wide choice of wines suitable for complementing any menu.
In warm weather meals can be served outdoors among the scents and colors of the Murgian landscape.

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